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Backyard Water Feature & Fire Pit in St. George Utah

Splash Pad to Entire Outdoor Living Space Complete With A Pond, Water Feature, & Fire Pit in St. George UT

About the Project:

Our homeowners Carol and Bob located in St. George, Utah wanted a splash pad for their landscape. When we made our initial trip to their home to discuss the design plans for the splash pad, we noticed a major opportunity. They had a large 2-acre lot, which is the perfect amount of space for an incredible outdoor living space to come to life. Our St. George homeowners were not aware of the potential their unused outdoor area had. When we proposed several personalized design plans, they were amazed by how much we could maximize their outdoor living space. It didn’t take long for Carol to get excited about our vision for the yard and as the yard progressed, the vision kept expanding. Our design plans resulted in Carol and Bob adding a custom waterfall, a river, a decorative walkway, fire pit, benches to watch the children from and several bridges to their splash pad project. The added features inevitably extended the length of the project time but within a few months, they had one of the most elaborate outdoor living spaces in St. George, Utah.


Some Challenges:

But, some obstacles came about along the way. Tree roots were inconveniently hidden and we had to work around them. And, power and gas resources were unavailable which directed the flow of the project towards the house instead of out towards their existing landscape, tennis courts and entertainment area. With our team of experienced contractors and designers, we were able to overcome these obstacles and deliver an astonishing outdoor living space to our clients. We worked with them every step of the way and we were able to add backyard features that they didn’t know could even be possible. After the project was officially completed, our homeowners received a customized backyard transformation that exceeded any and all of their expectations.

  • Services Provided: Backyard Water Feature, Fire Pit, Seating Area, Backyard Pond, Concrete Patio
  • Date: July 8th, 2017
  • Location: St. George UT
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